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Play with this version of our Chess and find out the Bugs
wait for the applet to load (if it doesn't load please report at
Read the instructions first very carefully



Its a very simple 2 player version of the chess. This game includes all the AI needed for 2 players game to implement rules of the chess. when you click on New Game button. the game will start with the Player 1 with first turn. Player 1 has the Black (Blue) Pieces and Player 2 has White (Green) Pieces. The game follows all the international chess rules. If you feel its not then there must be a bug. report it.
Keep watching the Status Line
This version doesn't include any graphic, the pieces of the Chess are shown by the alphebets as follows:
K: King
Q: Queen
H: Knight/Horse
C: Castle
B: Bishop
P: Pawn

The game also follows, As per I see in the comercial chess games:

  • You can't play a move that can cause your king to be checked.
  • You can't move any other piece except saving your king by any way if your King is under a check
  • The game will only be over/win/end when one of the King is completely checked and ther is no way out for him.

What you need TO DO:

  • Play it.
  • found out the Bugs (I know there is 1 bug, identify that and any other u found)
  • comments on the usability / user friendliness of the game
  • comments on the interface of the game
  • Play it again and agian to find bugs
    and report them at