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Java 4 US

  Java Course
  Java Assignment # 1
Task: Make a simple program that define an array of integer like:
int arr[] = {3,5,67,2,23,34,5,99};
then write two method to sort the values in the array in Assending and Decending order. and print the array values on screen
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  Java Assignment # 2
Task: Make a simple program that define an array of String like:
String st[] = { "Kashif", "Sami", "Ali", "Asghar" };
then write a method to sort the Strings in the Array in Assending order
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Java Assignment 2 help

  Java Assignment # 3
Task: Study and its other methods from JAVA API and find out a way yourself of using it. And write a simple program. That takes one integer input from user and prints the following sequence up to that number.
User input: 24
Output: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21

User input: 34
Output: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34
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  Java Assignment # 4

ATM machine Requirements.

AMCD bank announces a project, that they want ATM machine software for web in Java. They ask for requirement document from different companies, and announce that the project will be given to the company whose requirement document match their banking requirements.

Now your company assigns you to get this project. Your first task is to identify requirements. For this you first need to find out what an ATM machine does. And its functionality. Then write down its requirements document that shows what functionality you provide to your customer through your Java program. Keep it simple and do not think of its implementation too much just write down the requirements that attracts your customer.

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  Java Assignment # 5
Task: Take a Integer input from user then prints its Binary and Hexa value on screen
User Input: 30
Binary Value: 11110
Hexa Value: 1e
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  Java Help
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