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Hello, I am a IT Proffesional from Pakistan. Completed my BCS in 1999 from FAST (Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology) Karachi, Pakistan. currently working as a programmer at NetAccess an Internet/Intranet development company (pvt) ltd. and waiting for my BCS results, to take admission in MCS.
I am keen to master new emmerging technologies in computer science, my interest lies in Artificial Intelligence. I had develop several games and WebSites, some of them are listed on the side menu.

A List of some really useful links for programmers, developers and computer scientist.

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Pakistan Nature Photo Gallery, A Collection of beautiful nature photographs of Pakistani beauty and a travel guide to Pakistan.

The first platform for Computer game developers, programmers and players  in Pakistan. This WebSite provides technical help for game, free source codes/games and a free Trainee program to learn Game Programming.

A useful resource guide contain programs and links to the useful Programs from where one can earn money from the Net especially focus on the Sites that are totally free and Pay in Pakistan.
(This WebSite is currently under construction and due by the end of February)


Writting of a Research paper on the topic of  "Research in field of Computer Science in Pakistan"  is under progress by M Faisal Nisar Choudhry.
(Details will be given on some later date.)


Some of the Games developed by Me in Java. I believe if you wanna master any language just make some games in it, Its fun, tough and learning.

About Me

Description of the Projects made by me during BCS from FAST Institute of Computer Science.